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As far as work weeks go, this has been a rough one.  Coming off an extended holiday break made re-entry into the typical work day routine a little bumpy.  Add in an incredibly hectic workload due to the end of the calendar year and my stress level started to rise.  Top it off with a fun yet time consuming work extracurricular activity and by Wednesday, I was truly on edge as I watched my to-do list get longer and longer.

As I departed my home on Thursday morning for my short walk to the bus stop, I thought to myself: “Each new day brings new possibilities.”  I nearly tweeted this during my bus ride to work, but held off, as if I was afraid I would jinx myself into having a repeat of Wednesday.

You know what?  Thursday and Friday were busy yet manageable, both days marked with a relaxing field trip away from the office to visit with friends over lunch or coffee.  By Friday morning, I was secure with the memory of a successful Thursday, and posted that tweet after all.

Each new day brings new possibilities.  Be amazing.  Be inspired.

Friday Joy, 1/6/2012

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