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Day 2 in Acadia.  (Popovers, please.)

Chris and I awoke on Monday - at drastically different times, mind you, given his 3:30am alarm to catch Maine’s early sunrises - to overcast skies.  We knew this was a strong possibility, so we had planned accordingly.

I started my day with some work early in the morning, than headed off in the mid-morning to a 90-minute massage at Massage Bar Harbor.  The massage therapist, Nikki Look, was wonderful; I’m not surprised that she’s Bar Harbor’s top-rated therapist on TripAdvisor and Yelp.  I left feeling thoroughly refreshed and with none of the tightness that had been plaguing my upper shoulders and back in recent weeks (if not months).

After I cleaned up, Chris and I headed to Jordan Pond for a late lunch.  The Jordan Pond House Restaurant is a must-visit for anyone coming to Acadia.  It was established in the 1870s to cater to the increasing number of tourists to Mount Desert Island.  Around the time of Acadia’s entry into the national park system, Jordan Pond House was purchased by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., one of Acadia’s great preservationists, and donated to the National Park Service to ensure its continued operation.  It has operated on a seasonal basis nearly continuously since its opening, save for a fire in 1979.

It’s easy to see the appeal of Jordan Pond House: the restaurant serves afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner in a scenic setting overlooking Jordan Pond and the Bubbles.  Perhaps the most notable menu item is the popover: a light and fluffy baked treat, shaped like a tall muffin but hollow, all the better to hold plenty of butter and strawberry jam.  Indeed, the popovers seem to be a focal point of the menu - afternoon tea with popovers, soup with popovers, popovers à la mode - although the remaining offerings are quite extensive.

Chris and I have visited Jordan Pond for lunch on each of our three trips to Acadia, and I think we’ve ordered the exact same thing every time.  (Why mess with a good thing?)  He gets the lobster stew and I opt for the tomato bisque; each is served with two piping-hot popovers.  Since we were eating on the late side, we each ordered a bowl of soup rather than a cup, and our meals were just as delicious as we remembered.  Although I had arrived at Jordan Pone intending to save room for dessert, I was far too stuffed to do so.

That blueberry crisp à la mode will have to wait until next time.

Massage Bar Harbor is located at 60 Cottage Street and onilne at  Jordan Pond House Restaurant is situated on the western part of Acadia National Park’s Park Loop Road; read more about its history at

First three photos taken using a Nikon 1 J3.  Fourth photo taken using an iPhone.  Bottom four photos taken using Hipstamatic, Loftus lens, DC film, no flash.

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